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Azienda Agricola Faraone

Azienda Agricola

SS. 80, n 290
64021 Giulianova (TE)
tel. 085 807 18 04
P.IVA 00286510672


Wine:Spumante Classico
Uve:Passerina 100%

In 1983, following years of trials, we obtained the authorization to produce spumante; we were the first in our region and were assigned the initial VSN1/TE (Vini Spumanti Naturale n. 1/Teramo), from the Abruzzo and Molise regional authorities.

Typical of the Passerina grape which has a very low PH that makes the wine stable and allows it to keep for a long time. For this reason we use the Classical Method of processing which normally takes more years, first for processing, and then drinking.

Though not labelled as such, this bottle is from the 2013 vintage, and the “decougément” currently on sale is from March 2017, it therefore has had about 36 months of rest on its dregs.


of a light straw-yellow in colour, fine and persistent effervescence, creamy on the palate, with hints of bread crust, slightly sour aftertaste …

Serving temperature:4/6
Alcohol percentage:13.0