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Azienda Agricola Faraone

Azienda Agricola

SS. 80, n 290
64021 Giulianova (TE)
tel. 085 807 18 04
P.IVA 00286510672


Wine:Passerina IGT 2016
Uve:Passerina 100%

The Passerina grape is our province local variety of the Trebbiano. Traditionally it was cultivated in the areas closest to the sea, and has the capabilities, typical of the trebbianis, to produce in large quantities; naturally, when growing in a non-intensive manner and with the correct pruning, we can limit the production and we therefore obtain very interesting wines.

As we also have the Passerina for the Trebbiano bottle, which is grown in a fresher and clayish area, for this wine the grape is grown in an area of higher altitude and where the soil is richer in sand and gravel.

The processing is classic of white wines, all in stainless steel: destemming, cool skin contact, fermentation at low temperatures, sur lie aging, bottling.


Straw-yellow in colour, fresh in the mouth, perfumes of Sambuco flowers, sapid…

Serving temperature:7/8
Alcohol percentage:12.5