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"Le Vigne di Faraone"

Azienda Agricola Faraone

Azienda Agricola

SS. 80, n 290
64021 Giulianova (TE)
tel. 085 807 18 04
P.IVA 00286510672


Name:"Le Vigne di Faraone"
Wine: Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo DOC 2017
Uve:Montepulciano 100%

Cerasuolo is the traditional wine of the Abruzzesi households; everiday’s wine obtained by the Montepulciano’s grapes fermented with their skins for a short time in order to extract a small amount of colour and tannins; this is the wine commonly called “red”, that is to say “red cerasuolo”, meaning colour of the “cerasa – cherry”.

Today, we obtain it from draining the heap which is attained from pressing the Classic Montepulciano after about 48 hours of fermentation, drawing off part of the juice that has formed naturally without pressing it; essentially, the free-run must or cuvée.

It’s the noblest part of the grape! 


Wine which is not rose, but red cerasuolo, with hints of cherry and rose, for a thousand pairings

Pairings:Antipasti di salumi, spaghetti alla chitarra, carni bianche, pizza, ...
Serving temperature:7/12
Alcohol percentage:14.0
Total Sulphites:60 mg/l